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Heather is the Owner and Director of Gumhaven Enterprises Pty Ltd, a company offering health, wellness and fitness solutions through their restaurant and leisure center.

With a Diploma in Physical Education and a Certificate in Social Interview, Heather continued to find her true niche in Health and Fitness, gaining nearly 30 years of industry experience. Joining the world of entrepreneurs with the launch of Gumhaven Enterprises, Heather offers a unique and high end facility for a wide variety of activities. Providing a venue for health-minded individuals to connect, participate in physical fitness, dine and relax, Heather combines a restaurant, leisure center, gymnasium, pool, conference room and activity rooms to encompasse all of her clients needs.

Heather is affiliated with World Vision, Fitness Australia and Restaurant and Catering in South Africa. In her free time, Heather enjoys Spinning and Kickboxing.



Health and fitness, restaurant


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